Privacy: Can a Teen Have Too Much?

Jason, a 15-year-old sophomore, stormed upstairs after a disagreement with his parents. His mood didn’t improve when he saw his bedroom door had been removed. As in, taken off the hinges and stored who knows where. Privacy. It’s a subject many parents grapple with. How much privacy is a child entitled to? It’s a dangerous…


Why Guys Need the Talk

Last year I was dating this girl, and after a few weeks, things were going really well. I remember going to her house to meet her parents for the first time. Her dad was barbecuing for us, and welcomed me into his house with a friendly grin.  It wasn’t long, however, before I was invited outside…


Come Pray the Rosary

Want to pray the Rosary, but would like to pray with others? Did you make a commitment for Advent to pray the Rosary, but struggling to do it on your own? Check-out this website where you can pray the Rosary live with others.

Come Pray the Rosary


Decade with Dad

I have met many men over the years who have expressed their regret about their kids leaving the Church.  Many say that they wish they would have done more but at the same time are not sure what that “more” is. Introducing Our Children to Jesus The Catechism of the Catholic Church exhorts parents to…


House of Prayer

When Jesus entered the temple precincts to clear out the moneylenders, He quotes Isaiah 56: “It is written: ‘My house shall be a house of prayer’” (Matthew 21:13). It wasn’t that Jesus was objecting to the presence of commerce in the Temple area—the day-to-day business of life—but that this had, in the minds of many,…


5 Ways You Can Serve a Single Mom

How can we, as loving, compassionate, members of the global body of Christ, reach out and show love to single parents? Maybe the single parents in your life seem like they have it all together. There are some amazingly, strong single parents today, and many are achieving success parentally and emotionally, while finding great freedom…