Your Teens Could Have Been the Apostles

When you think of the apostles, do you picture old, gray-haired men? People very different from your teens? It’s time to change that opinion. The Apostles as Teens Consider this: the apostles, except for Peter, all very well may have been in their teens. Recall the incident of the temple tax (Matthew 17:24-27). Men, aged…


Forming First Ripples: Modeling Virtue in our Homes

“In this culture, which is selling a lot of stuff, I had a father on his knees who was showing me how to be a man of God.” —Dan Vander Woude I vividly recall the weekend in September 2008 when I learned that a father and parishioner in a nearby parish in northern Virginia had…


Virtuous Fitness: Developing Healthy Habits

It happened last Sunday. While sitting in Mass, my 3-year-old son decided to be a “loud talker.” Concerned about the prayerfulness of others around us, I whispered into his ear “I need you to whisper in church.” To which he whispered dramatically back to me, “Neverrrrr.” Ah yes. The refreshing will of a preschooler. However,…