Pope Francis: Be courageous, go to confession

Vatican City, Feb 19, 2014 / 04:57 am (CNA).- During his Wednesday audience, Pope Francis encouraged the pilgrims filling St. Peter’s Square to receive the sacrament of reconciliation. “Everyone say to himself: ‘When was the last time I went to confession?’ And if it has been a long time, don’t lose another day! Go, the priest…


God’s Ocean of Mercy

Chris Stefanick has a timely reminder that no matter how big our sins are, the ocean of God’s mercy is infinitely bigger. This Lent, how can you remember and seek out God’s mercy?


You Are: A Message to All Women

It’s challenging being a woman in today’s culture…so many mixed messages about who and what we should be. Parent’s, especially mom’s, check this video out and be encouraged by this young man’s view of women. Show your daughter’s, too, and exhort them to be the woman God created them to be, and not what the world thinks they should be.



It’s All Relative: Understanding Right vs. Wrong

Right and wrong. True and false. Thanks to relativism, young people use these words when talking about things like math and science—but not faith and morals. You might be thinking, “Relatiwhatism?” If philosophical discussions aren’t your forte, stay with me! Relativism isn’t a philosophy you can afford to overlook, because it’s at the very heart…


Forming First Ripples: Modeling Virtue in our Homes

“In this culture, which is selling a lot of stuff, I had a father on his knees who was showing me how to be a man of God.” —Dan Vander Woude I vividly recall the weekend in September 2008 when I learned that a father and parishioner in a nearby parish in northern Virginia had…


Come Pray the Rosary

Want to pray the Rosary, but would like to pray with others? Did you make a commitment for Advent to pray the Rosary, but struggling to do it on your own? Check-out this website where you can pray the Rosary live with others.

Come Pray the Rosary


Decade with Dad

I have met many men over the years who have expressed their regret about their kids leaving the Church.  Many say that they wish they would have done more but at the same time are not sure what that “more” is. Introducing Our Children to Jesus The Catechism of the Catholic Church exhorts parents to…


10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Advent

Keeping a balance between the spiritual and the secular will require a little planning on your part. Start by making a list of everything that needs to be done. Then block into your calendar specific times every day for personal prayer, spiritual reading and reflection. See More:  10 Ways to Get the Most Out of…


Matt Maher at World Youth Day


Parenting got you down this week? Need a little inspiration? Check out this video of Catholic singer/songwriter Matt Maher singing his song “Lord I Need You” at World Youth Day in front of the Pope this past August. May this song lift your heart and mind to the Lord this day!