Good Sense for a Strong and Healthy Marriage: Part II

In Part One of Good Sense for a Strong and Healthy Marriage, I spoke of the importance of making sacrifices for your spouse. In Part Two, I will address the importance of making acts of service for one another. Again, I think it is very natural when we first fall in love to serve one… Details

Good Sense for a Strong and Healthy Marriage: Part I

I recently returned from England. While there, I spoke with a woman who, after forty years of marriage, feels that she is in a constant uphill battle with her spouse. He doesn’t think they need marital healing or growth. While he doesn’t oppose her going to counseling, he doesn’t think he needs it. She is…


You Are: A Message to All Women

It’s challenging being a woman in today’s culture…so many mixed messages about who and what we should be. Parent’s, especially mom’s, check this video out and be encouraged by this young man’s view of women. Show your daughter’s, too, and exhort them to be the woman God created them to be, and not what the world thinks they should be.



It’s All Relative: Understanding Right vs. Wrong

Right and wrong. True and false. Thanks to relativism, young people use these words when talking about things like math and science—but not faith and morals. You might be thinking, “Relatiwhatism?” If philosophical discussions aren’t your forte, stay with me! Relativism isn’t a philosophy you can afford to overlook, because it’s at the very heart…