Your Teens Could Have Been the Apostles

When you think of the apostles, do you picture old, gray-haired men? People very different from your teens? It’s time to change that opinion. The Apostles as Teens Consider this: the apostles, except for Peter, all very well may have been in their teens. Recall the incident of the temple tax (Matthew 17:24-27). Men, aged…


Let Me Be Me

She walked out of the bathroom and my breath caught in my throat. And it wasn’t because she was all dressed up for homecoming and looked like a princess. I could only wish. Once again, my daughter, Lauren, was dressed in all black clothing and had rimmed her beautiful blue eyes with so much black…


Forming First Ripples: Modeling Virtue in our Homes

“In this culture, which is selling a lot of stuff, I had a father on his knees who was showing me how to be a man of God.” —Dan Vander Woude I vividly recall the weekend in September 2008 when I learned that a father and parishioner in a nearby parish in northern Virginia had…


Privacy: Can a Teen Have Too Much?

Jason, a 15-year-old sophomore, stormed upstairs after a disagreement with his parents. His mood didn’t improve when he saw his bedroom door had been removed. As in, taken off the hinges and stored who knows where. Privacy. It’s a subject many parents grapple with. How much privacy is a child entitled to? It’s a dangerous…


It’s You…The Critical Role of Parents

Who do you think is going to have the biggest impact on the faith life of your children? It’s you. When you think about your kids growing older, you wonder what their faith life will be like: Will they stay Catholic? Will they even go to church? Will they take time to pray? Will they raise their…